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We understand that parenting little ones can be hard work. Sometimes you just want to put down the dolls, ignore the Instagram comparisons and the Pinterest ‘hacks’ and let the kids run wild, play independently so you can rest with your own thoughts.

No judgment here. We’ve been there. We’re there most days.

This is why Tiddlers was born, a play cafe where kids and their grown-ups can both enjoy themselves.

The spark of an idea to create a haven for grown-ups and kids, somewhere you don’t have to pretend to love painting and play doh and mess and joining in with your kids games allll the time. A place where you can let the kids play and climb and (hopefully) tire themselves out. A safe space where you can catch a break and enjoy a delicious meal, while your child has fun exploring our play equipment and making new friends.

We want to invite you into our fun filled, relaxed and cozy corner of Flasgrave where you can take a well-earned break and let the kids run free. We don’t want you to worry about them knocking things over or annoying other customers or staff, we’re Tiddlers and we understand the challenge of parenting.

We want Tiddlers to help you to meet other grown-ups like you; provide a space to meet your friends or to find new ones. This space has been dreamt up with exactly you and your little Tiddlers in mind.

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