About Us

We have been lucky enough to become parents 3 times and while yes, it’s precious, every single time we have needed the support of so many people.

We understand that not everyone has the ‘village’ that people talk about and that as parents we don’t want to feel completely alone and stranded on an island, looking after little ones which can be, let’s face it, lonely.

Those early years can be a hard slog sometimes and that’s okay, it can feel like climbing a mountain with no supplies and a broken leg. Sometimes all we need is a breather and a place to go where we can take off some of that grown-up pressure (that can feel all consuming) and feel part of the community surrounding us.

That’s why we opened Tiddlers.

We want Tiddlers to create a space that helps you connect with other grown-ups like you; to give you somewhere to meet your friends and build up your ‘village’ if you don’t quite have one yet.

We want your little ones to develop a love of exploration, learn how to push and test their limits in a safe environment, build their resilience, increase their confidence, and make new friends while they burn off their boundless energy.

We would have loved somewhere that was clean, welcoming and age appropriate during the depth of the baby and toddler years. Where you could get great coffee and food without stressing you would be judged for the kids screaming and making a mess. Somewhere that actually has space for the under 5’s that isn’t just a pack of crayons.

So, whether you have a climber, a daydreamer or an explorer there’ll be something for you here.